Why do we call our snow cones "Snowballs"? because we use a proprietary shaved ice system to make the best Snowballs in College Station TX. From the Shark Attack to the Yeti's Dream, Start with the 'Murcia and work your way to the Reef and survive the Wipe OUT! We have the flavors for you. Don't see it? We'll get it just let us know. 

Snow cones in College Station Texas

Text "YETI" to 88202 and receive one free snowball on us! No strings attached. Show your text message at the window for your free snowball. 

We will come to you with the Kokomo Sno Co. trailer making the best shaved Ice snow cones in College Station Texas! Schedule us here!  Snowballs are your friend! My favorite is ice cream with free cream topping!

Invite the yeti to your next event!

Free Snowball on us!

Flavors you could melt over